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...not our prices

We keep our rates real reasonable at One Step Above; and even combine all children from the same family to pro-rate your tuition. This provides families with multiple children interested in dance an even more cost effective family rate.

Dance Class Pricing...one class each week can be as little as $35.00 per month!! (that's an average of $8.75 per class)

Level 1: 30 minutes of classes each week; MONTHLY TUITION $35.00

Level 2: 60 minutes of classes each week; MONTHLY TUITION $50.00

Level 3: 90 minutes of classes each week; MONTHLY TUITION $65.00

For each additional 30 minutes of classes after level 3 will add an additional $15.00 monthly to your tuition. So for example if you have two children enrolled in classes at One Step Above and class time totals 120 minutes (2 hours) of classes per week, your total monthly tuition will be $80.00.


Tuition is pre-paid on a monthly basis. We currently only accept payment for classes at the OSA dance studio as we would like to consult with you and your childs class choices rather than just picking from a selection online. 


Other Fees that may be necessary for dance classes and recitals: Please see our client resources page for necessary order forms.

- Costume Fee – amount varies depending on age

- Dance Shoes – amount varies depending on style of shoe

- Recital Fees – amount varies depending on the venue for the recital



Dance Types

Jazz, Jazz Floorwork/Technique, Ballet, Ballet Barre, Tap, Tap Floorwork, Hip-Hop, Clogging, Combo I & Combo II, Acro-Dance, Cheerleading Prep, Pom Pon, Tumbling

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