Tap/ Tap Floorwork


Tap –·Focusing on coordination and rhythm, students will learn a variety of tap techniques.  Tap students who enroll in the Recreational Dance Session will learn a routine to be performed at the Annual One Step Above Dance Recital.
Tap Floorwork – Students work exclusively on tap technique.  Students work on sounds, rhythms and the art of tap dancing.  Students will learn new steps by doing stationary and across the floor drills.  We recommend that students who take Tap take this class as well.  Students who take this class do not learn a routine and will NOT perform in the recital.

Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sound of one's tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument. As such, it is also commonly considered to be a form of music. Two major variations on tap dance exist: rhythm (Jazz) tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses more on the dance, and is widely performed as a part of musical theater. Rhythm tap focuses more on musicality, and practitioners consider themselves to be a part of the Jazz tradition.


Dance Types

Jazz, Jazz Floorwork/Technique, Ballet, Ballet Barre, Tap, Tap Floorwork, Hip-Hop, Clogging, Combo I & Combo II, Acro-Dance, Cheerleading Prep, Pom Pon, Tumbling

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